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 Team's and Cooporation

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PostSubject: Team's and Cooporation    Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:16 am

well it seems teams and groups are popping up everywhere however we aren't gonna be fighting but instead joining forces so we can all as a community defeat BEN 2 start this there's a team called vanguard thats verry well organized and are trying to help unite us all and I've talked 2 a member of them u may all know merik2013 and we have decided to show that we are brothers in arms so heres the link to them

and every1 try to help each other in any way possible
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PostSubject: Re: Team's and Cooporation    Fri Oct 22, 2010 6:23 pm

copy of conversation with Shadshaddo:

" Type below to start a chat with Shadshaddo.

merik2013 (07:27:51 AM): still there?

shadshaddo (07:28:07 AM): yea

merik2013 (07:28:25 AM): I feel I should start talking about Vanguard.

shadshaddo (07:28:38 AM): from tos2?

shadshaddo (07:29:18 AM): oh wait thats a user

shadshaddo (07:29:24 AM): right

merik2013 (07:30:05 AM): no, I mean my "group" as it were. though that term isn't exactly proper. Vanguard is OsirisOmega, Coldsteel1212, and my plan to organize the community.

merik2013 (07:30:27 AM):

merik2013 (07:30:39 AM): take note of the channel description

shadshaddo (07:30:57 AM): is this MM related?

merik2013 (07:31:21 AM): it's for the ARG, when part 3 kicks up this holiday season.

merik2013 (07:32:06 AM): We want to make Vanguard the common ground where all pre-existing groups focus their resources and band together.

merik2013 (07:33:07 AM): while at the same time mobilizing those resources by organizing specialists into groups where they can work at their best.

merik2013 (07:33:16 AM): thus the 5 channels

shadshaddo (07:33:44 AM): were doing almost the same thing

shadshaddo (07:33:53 AM): if u read the top of my forum

shadshaddo (07:34:04 AM): u see The source of community for all

merik2013 (07:34:29 AM): a lot of groups are trying to do something similiar. but at this rate we're all working against each other.

merik2013 (07:34:41 AM): hte UA for example

merik2013 (07:34:45 AM): *the

shadshaddo (07:35:01 AM): UA was a big fail

shadshaddo (07:36:49 AM): tell me does ur group make everything public 4 every1 to access?

merik2013 (07:39:05 AM): let me lay down my battle plan. the channel I linked is the main room where most of the talking is done. division 1 is there to catch information and updates as they come out. they then sort that information to the other divisions as needed. division 2 will recieve video and audio files for analysis and division 3 will work on ciphers, while division 4 is in charge of using all this in efforts to plan our movements. this should limit confusion. and yes, the entire point is to centralize the community in order to facilitate information spread.

merik2013 (07:40:43 AM): we're also toying with making a database in the form of a helpfile so information is as far away as a simple ctrl-f search

shadshaddo (07:42:41 AM): ok i like the idea of organization its kinda wut fucked us over in the convo with update so wut is it you want from me for this group?

merik2013 (07:47:25 AM): cooperation. I don't intend to strip any group of their identity or their private chats, but by the time the ARG gets moving again the ustream chats should also be used. this is assuming we can get enough support by then. we should be approaching drowned soon as well. also, if you have any resident experts in any of those fields or anyone who's willing to devote to them we should add them to the specialist list. I'd like to have some manner of contact information for specialists aswell (like an email adress or instant messanger ID) so that they may be informed when something comes up in their field while part 3 is ongoing.

merik2013 (07:50:45 AM): I suppose support would have been a more apt word than cooperation, but that too.

shadshaddo (07:52:02 AM): well taco is 1 of the people who were helping me with ciphers but if you want a specialist in cipher cracking look 4 A SPYSA he cracked 59 so he should be able to help and as 4 support we help any1 that wants it so if u wanna team up or cooperation of some kind were there

shadshaddo (07:52:37 AM):

merik2013 (07:52:56 AM): another bonus from basing it off ustream is that it facilitates the idea of players live streaming feed of the game. I also have a twitter account set up and hooked into the stream itself.

shadshaddo (07:53:52 AM): yea me and seph are gonna be streaming the game we dont want too many ppl downloading a possable trap

shadshaddo (07:54:11 AM): sorry a definent trap

merik2013 (07:55:58 AM): when things get complicated most of the decisions will probably be made in division 4. that is to say that the next move will need to be a group decision. to quote the channel description "Remember, acting alone without the group will only lead to confusion and possible tragedy. If you have an idea on how to proceed then present it here and make your argument."

merik2013 (07:59:10 AM): also to clarify (as I've had a misunderstanding with this before), no-one's is restricted from going to or helping with any of the other rooms. specialists just have priorities compared to the other members.

merik2013 (08:01:01 AM): I think that's about everything. wanted to make sure I got everything out in the open. thanks for listening.

shadshaddo (08:01:42 AM): np but how do u plan to get all the ppl 2 join in with u?

shadshaddo (08:02:08 AM): theyre all kinda scared by groups coz of waal and ua

merik2013 (08:03:01 AM): we've got a couple months at least, so plenty of campaigning. this kind of organization withen the community is what Jad wants out of us, so we won't give up on it easily.

merik2013 (08:04:51 AM): I'm a moderator on drowned forums and Osiris is not only popular there, but he also is on very good terms with Iota, so drowned shouldn't be hard to get in on it.

shadshaddo (08:06:11 AM): well is there a way to like put our teams together so it doesnt seem like were agenst each other 2 ppl?

merik2013 (08:08:08 AM): You could probably addess that in your forum. announcing your partnership in some way.

shadshaddo (08:08:57 AM): ya that'll work should i link u guys 2?

merik2013 (08:09:22 AM):

shadshaddo (08:17:17 AM): ok done

merik2013 (08:19:06 AM): also worth noting is that both me, osiris, and coldsteel will all be using mIRC to access the chat. it not only helps with modding, but more importantly it allows us to keep an extensive log of everything said in the chats.

shadshaddo (08:20:11 AM): THANK GOD we need to keep logs of almost everything

merik2013 (08:20:57 AM): I've spent quite a lot of time modding through irc, so you can bet I'm prepared Smile

shadshaddo (08:28:47 AM): good coz playing a game where ben controls the rules is a game almost ok to use cheat codes in we need 2 be as prepared as possable

merik2013 (08:29:30 AM): lol

shadshaddo (08:30:29 AM): 4real we were connsidering hacking yshdt wen the cypher was toooo hard

shadshaddo (08:31:02 AM): we had sum1 who could do it 2

merik2013 (08:32:06 AM): I heard someone did. something about an account quickly being made and then deleted just before he got blocked from Jad's account. "
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PostSubject: Re: Team's and Cooporation    Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:58 pm

Vanguard is an organizational team structure that Osirisomega, coldsteel1212, and I have been putting together. It's based off ustream so that it can be easily moderated, the chat can be properly logged, and it can facilitate the need to live stream the upcoming game when needed. it's split into 5 rooms: a main room, and 4 divisions. each division specializes in specific tasks. anyone may participate in any divisions tasks, jowever each division will also possess specialists in it's tasks who will devote their efforts to those tasks when needed. division 1 will be in charge of collecting updates and rerouting them to the other divisions. division 2 is in charge of audio/video analysis. division 3 is in charge of cracking codes/ciphers. and division 4 is in charge of using all the aquired knowledge to plan the next movements. Vanguard is meant to serve as a lynchpin for all pre-existing groups without being one itself. We plan to get the entire community behind us and for the ustream chats to be the staging ground come part 3. the ustream channels as you may have read in the transcript are also hooked up to a twitter account where news of recent happenings will be posted. Vanguard is not a group. It lacks that individualistic sense of identity. Rather, it is to be a team comprised of all other groups intermingling and working together. It has been set up so that it's organizational structure will keep the flow of information streamlined, running like a well oiled machine.
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PostSubject: Re: Team's and Cooporation    

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Team's and Cooporation
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