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These are some of our associates in The majora's mask arg BomberGangKids: Heroes of time:

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 The convos

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PostSubject: The convos   Wed Oct 20, 2010 4:27 pm

*mod edit* the 2nd convo doesnt have any1 but the user that contacted us comments, there were 2 many and we couldnt get them all so i appologize if some of it makes no sense but just imagen some of the questions we asked to get thoose answers*mod edit*

Earlier today, at approximately 11:50 AM today (Wednesday, October 20, 2010), a user logged on to our chatango going by the name of "teppup". The following is the actual conversation:

Bleachfan614: And I'll be the White Knight
Kittykat2892: Apparently the drug interpretation of Alice is wrong, according to Cracked. xD
Kittykat2892: And obviously I'll be Cheshie. >>
ike: lolo
ike: i love being mad
ike: its gr8t
teppup: hehe
Kittykat2892: O-o
ike: whos teppup
teppup: Don't forget, I can read your silly forums.
ike: is that you red
ike: lol
teppup: I crave what every lone wolf desires.
ike: o-o
ike: how do we raise the mask
ke: how do we raise the mask teppup
teppup: hehe
ike: son of a bitch...
teppup: 3 more weeks
ike: it .
ike: can somone copy and paste this on the forums please?
ike: this is extremely important info
teppup: Micah, do you honestly get it?
ike: no
teppup: I didn't think so.
ike: to be honest i dont fully understand
ike: but im not going to give up just because i dont get it
Bleachfan614: Who the
ike: ill figure it out
Bleachfan614: wait
Kittykat2892: We have a visitor.
ike: bleach
Bleachfan614: That's not-
ike: copy all this down please
ike: and put it on the forums
ike: that, it our little freind puppet
ike: dropping us what ithink might be a very important hint
Bleachfan614: hold on
teppup: Am I the puppet?
ike: .....maybe
ike: you may be the puppet
ike: maybe the master
ike: or maybe just a troll
Kittykat2892: I see you name. that's why I call you puppet
Bleachfan614: ugh
teppup: mask1. htm will update today.
Bleachfan614: what?!
teppup: I'll see you there
Bleachfan614: wait
Bleachfan614: are you-
Bleachfan614: he left
Bleachfan614: do you think...?
ike: think hes ben?
Bleachfan614: no
Bleachfan614: Jad
ike: maybe
ike: i think he just may be
Bleachfan614: well
Kittykat2892: I'm not sure. I'm suspicious of all of this in general...
ike: he dropped us a VERY important hint though
ike: i know it
Bleachfan614: if the site updates today, then
Bleachfan614: he probably is someone important
ike: and if it doesnt we just blow him off?
ike: nah, thats ok, im going to see where this goes
ike: i dont know who puppet is bleach. but this is just nto have atleast SOME relevance

We assume that this person could possibly be important. However, we will not know for sure until the site updates today or the next 24 hours, if at all. Until then, we wait.
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PostSubject: A conversation from today... pt. 2   Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:20 pm

It is confirmed. The person was right. I check ed the site at approximately 4:10 PM today (same day), and the page has been changed. It now has the pic of the mask when it's mousedover being maintained, ant the words "Don't forget, I can read your silly forums Wink".

And, at 4:17PM, as I am typing this, it has chagned again, with what looks like the background melting, and the words "I crave what every lone wolf desires" in the place of the previous texts.

What could this mean? Is this person truly part of the ARG, or someone trying to misleading us? I think it's the latter, but I'm not completely positive... And now, we wait again.
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PostSubject: A conversation from today... pt. 3   Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:40 pm

As suspected, more changes were made to the site. however, that is not the most important part.
Soon after, at exactly 4:23PM, there was another guest who came into the chat under the name of "update". We had asked him many questions, and he gave us a few answers, but nothing of extreme importance.
Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve the entire conversation this time, however I did salvageall the posts this "update" made. I was able to retrieve the conversation near the end though. Here it is:

update: Hello.
update: Puppet.
update: 
update: I'm glad you enjoy my updates.
update: Of course, as time descends, so will my puppet.
update: His role will soon end.
update: What do all lone wolves desire?
update: Ah, proof?
update: What would you like me to change, Bleach?
update: Am I the puppet? BEN? Someone else?
update: BEN is not a puppet. BEN is the one who holds the strings.
update: Ah, but alas, you may become puppets as well.
update: Would you like to come with me?
update: I'm not the Puppet.
update: Correct, I'm not BEN.
update: A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage.
update: A replacement.
update: Yes.
update: He will "leave" soon.
update: The current puppet was just like you.
update: Engaged in this mystery. Wanting to destroy BEN.
update: Of course, he did hold another emotion which you may not share.
update: Sympathy.
update: Ben, a young boy, drowned. His whole family in shock. His life gone.
update: Some may say BEN and Ben are different people.
update: Was BEN truly satisfied with his life?
update: No?
update: BEN wants to cause fear and chaos.
update: Yes.
update: Maybe Ben lived a poor life. No friends. No happiness. Learned the dark side of humans.
update: Maybe he wants revenge.
update: Against the evils that humans have caused.
update: I do not know
update: BEN was different from many people.
update: Who's to say that BEN didn't kill himself?
update: Possibly.
update: Ben might have lived a terrible life.
update: He hated humans.
update: Bullied. Beaten. No love. Happiness taken away.
update: Looked at the real world, and saw the amount of terrorist attacks, murders, corruption.
update: You know why BEN possessed certain people, but not others?
update: Oh no, not sympathy.
update: While they tried to stop BEN.
update: They were the ones trying to cause fear and chaos as well.
update: These puppets? You think they're great people?
update: These puppets are bullies, people taking advantage of life.
update: BEN wants revenge at life
update: And humans.
update: For all the evil and destruction they have caused.
update: Murders, kid-napping, child rapists, theifs, liars, bullies.
update: It was all too much for BEN to understand.
update: BEN does not like humans.
update: At all.
update: He was a human.
update: Not anymore.
update: I don't think he is going to kill you.
update: BEN still was a human.
update: Imagine a young boy, bullied everyday, no love or friendship, and then eventually ending his own life.
update: That is BEN.
update: Multiple Personality Syndrome.
update: BEN isn't human, correct.
update: Ben was human.
update: Correct.
update: Ben, a sad individual.
update: BEN, a malicious individual
update: I don't know how to stop BEN.
update: However, I will say something.
update: What was a key part of Majora's Mask?
update: The moon.
update: What do lone wolves desire?
update: Yes
update: BEN isn't easy.
update: This is all I know I'm afraid.
update: I do not hate BEN.
update: In fact, quite the opposite.
update: Sympathy.
update: BEN likes to play with peoples emotions.
update: Which is why I make a good puppet.
update: BEN controls me.
update: For him, yes.
update: You guys seem to have a lot of emotions.
update: BEN may try to frighten you, but he will not be able to possess you.
update: Yes.
update: Regret is one of them.
update: Possibly.
update: I'm merely his puppet. Me and the current one, will eventually become useless, and be dropped.
update: I don't know what will happen to me.
update: Yes.
update: What do you mean?
update: I can't give you my real name.
update: I can, however, describe myself.
update: I
update: am a high-school student.
update: A sophomore.
update: No.
update: I did not post on the forums.
update: So you won't know who I am.
update: Yes
update: In fact, BEN is reading this chat right now.
update: BEN is not human.
update: He can see through me.
update: I am.
update: No.
update: Too late.
update: BEN did not take away my eyes.
update: Yet.
update: I will.
update: Me and the current puppet can't be saved.
update: The other puppet is a college student.
update: Jad is a puppet.
update: Go to mask1
update: Read the last quote.
update: Sound familiar?
update: "I am nothing [...]"
update: Jad said that.
update: The use of that word was no coincidence.
update: No.
update: Jad is the most important puppet.
update: Yes.
update: Do you know what used to be?
update: A personal site for the original puppet.
update: No.
update: I do not.
update: I'm not sure.
update: BEN won't tell me.
update: Of course I've talked to him.
update: Most likely, yes.
update: I don't know.
update: Yes.
update: I don't know anything about the game.
update: Or what it will have in it.
update: I would be careful what you download.
update: You can download the game.
update: Just expect to get your hands a little dirty.
update: Don't expect that nothing will happen if you download the game.
update: There is not at the moment.
update: is reserved for the current puppet.
update: I don't know if Jad is the current puppet.
update: But it's highly likely.
update: BEN is not going to help you fight him.
update: You will find useful things, yes.
update: I think BEN may be using it as a log.
update: Sadly, I do not know about Roswell or the Omaria Massacre
update: How it connects to BEN i mean.
update: Puzzle?
update: I do
update: Each square represents a page.
update: He will add more pages in the future.
update: I don't know.
update: The most important thing you need to know, is the moon.
update: Well, if you notice the static, it has a real realistic aspect to it.
update: The volume, the breaks.
update: I don't think it's a corrupt audio file.
update: I think it's someone playing a piano.
update: That BEN may know
update: threemoreweeks.mp3
update: The other audio file is saria's song slow and distorted.
update: While I feel sorry for BEN, I do not agree with what he is doing.
update: No.
update: In real life? No.
update: I am not I'm afraid.
update: Something is going to happen to us soon.
update: Yes. Three weeks.
update: Yes, me and the other puppet.
update: I may disappear.
update: I don't know Ryu.
update: No.
update: Yes.
update: Everytime one falls, another one appears.
update: Possibly.
update: I think so, yes.
update: I don't know why he is.
update: He also let the current puppet reply to the emails.
update: Yes, to play with you.
update: For all I know, I could be being controlled right now, saying everything that BEN wants.
update: It's becoming harder to tell when BEN is controlling me, and when I'm free.
update: Talk to BEN.
update: Have any of you talked to BEN?
update: BEN replied to some of the emails at
update: Some of the replies were.
update: Here was one of his responses.
update: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose.
By any other name would smell as sweet."
update: Another reply he made
update: "There is beauty to be found in all of suffering, and what expresses true
suffering as much as the enslaved puppet, forever bound to the imprisoning
update: BEN enjoys poetic language.
update: another reply
update: "I crave what every lone wolf desires."
update: BEN might be an acronym, yes.
update: BEN has always been lonely.
update: You need to talk to BEN. Be kind. Be calm. Be helpful.
update: When you talk to him.
update: I don't know.
update: You will have an oppurtunity one day.
update: Just like me, the current puppet, and Jad did.
update: You're welcome.
update: Yes.
update: Before I disappear, I want my word out.
update: This whole chat was my word
update: I've told you all I can.
update: Thank you for listening.
update: Other than stopping BEN, I don't see any other way sadly.
update: It's too late for me. It's more important that you prevent this from happening to others.
update: Yes.
update: I would think so.
update: Of course, in 3 weeks, something far worse could happen.
update: Then just one puppet.
update: Yes.
update: I warn you, unless you truly feel the need, do not continue to stop BEN.
update: Unless you're completely sure, don't move forward.
update: Some of you that continue to try to stop BEN, may suffer from it.
update: Don't forget that BEN is not a nice person.
update: You all seem very intrigued by stopping BEN.
update: That is why he wanted me to talk to you.
update: Please be careful though.
update: I do not.
update: Some of the stuff on mask1 has no meaning.
update: It's just there to scare you.
update: The more chaos, the less people to stop him.
update: You will have to figure out.
update: mask1 is not the only site to pay attention to.
update: This was one of Ben's favorite songs.
update: Majora's Mask was his favorite game.
update: Because it had a happy tune to it.
update: Yes.
update: Correct, it was in OoT
update: He played that game as well.
update: Yes.
update: Yes, Saria's song made Ben happy.
update: BEN still likes it.
update: I'm almost 100% sure it will be VERY important.
update: What makes me wonder is, what brought Ben to the boiling point?
update: What made him finally decide to kill himself.
update: It can't have just been bullying.
update: He will not.
update: One more thing.
update: Find out who the Old Man was.
update: Who?
update: "Goodbye Ben"
update: I don't know. BEN hasn't told me.
update: I think the same Bleach.
update: It was more of a guess.
update: Oh god.
update: 423.
update: BEN did this.
update: I think I'm being controlled right now.
update: I'm so scared.
update: I'm just a high-school student.
update: I want my life back.
update: I've done bad things. But I don't deserve this.

He didn't respond for several minutes. Then:

update: OK.
update: Oh my god. I just saw a shadow.

He stopped responding again for several more minutes. Then this:

update: He's gone.
update: The current puppet is gone.

Afterwards was a longer time between his absence. Then he came back, or so we thought:

update: Hehe.
update: You will learn one day.
update: That there is beauty in all your suffering.
update: My puppet is happy bound to me.
update: 
update: I will find a new puppet.
update: This new one is useless.
update: Maybe I should throw my useless puppet away?
update: This is amusing.
update: I enjoy watching the world fall into chaos and despair.
update: My puppet's mind no longer belongs to himself.
update: There is beauty in his suffering.

Then he stopped entirely, and left.
Much later, another person under the username of "ooosu" entered. this is the conversation:

ooosu: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
Sephiriam: =/
ooosu: I run
Shadshaddo: so ur...jad?
Sephiriam: Didn't we talk to you last night?
Shadshaddo: we did?
Sephiriam: I thought so
Sephiriam: it was like kittyears backwards
Sephiriam: Are you the person we spoke to last night?
Shadshaddo: r u
ooosu: i am nobody i am not jadusable i run
Sephiriam: You already said that
Sephiriam: Did we talk to you last night
Shadshaddo: so wut do u want sir
ooosu: you have never talked to me i want nothing
Sephiriam: Then why are you here
ooosu: i am not here
Sephiriam: So where are you
ooosu: i am here
Sephiriam: But at the same time you are not?
ooosu: i am here and i am not here
ooosu: mask2.html
Shadshaddo: it doesnt exsit
ooosu: mask2.htmlplease
Shadshaddo: i see it
Shadshaddo: i cant read it
ooosu: m̢͎̖̻̅ͬ̂ͧ̓͆̒̇å̷̡̤̘͙̤̻͕ͮ̐̎̒s̴͙̹̫̳ͨͪͧ̚̚̚͝k̨̘̤̓̿͟͞2̸̛̟̘̱̱̲̘̟͋̀̂̎ͨ̓.̧̞̮̠̪̼͖ͦ̂̓̆ͥ͒̚͝h̶̛͕̭̹̝̰̲͎̥̓̽͑ͩ̄͊ͯ̃ͅt̨̹͇̂m̸̷̄͒͏̲̘͓̜l̢͈̎ͩ͛͠͝
Bleachfan614: I got it shad
Shadshaddo: wtf is all this
Shadshaddo: plz
Shadshaddo: ok bleach

We can assume by the change in update's speech that it was not him the entire time. Either that or he was struggling at the same time. Whatever happened to him, BEN has him now. I hope we can stop this soon...
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PostSubject: Re: The convos   Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:56 pm

This was what was at the mask2.html address:

Wh t h Thou've wis yon've s d f... she? Isk.. ma Yoface in'tr th Whe You? k... Isk. fatrrrishace it at ashe BEN. me onde, face trund hace t? s s t our Yourr....... fathathaceris h at? tr You You've shath facende? thave yourue dn'the isk........ te? I Youn't true Yofave. woue wite s Wh You f... itr mat yofa fa that Thave urrishe s t? BEN. men't wour yofave face t. BEN.. haskisk. BEN.. ur mave? Younde? ou've.. has kis of... hondnendou You t? ishat t...... mer. macerrr Younde fate it BEN. Isha

If we can get some people to start deciphering this, it would be much appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: The convos   Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:26 pm

I am currently trying to decipher this message.
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PostSubject: Re: The convos   

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The convos
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