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 convos of importance on the chat

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PostSubject: convos of importance on the chat   Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:04 am

basically its 2 get sum1 started on a theory or idea so if u find an interesting Majora's mask arg related convo post it here:

Astartus: hey, shad?
Shadshaddo: ?
Shadshaddo: hi
Astartus: how are things going?
Astartus: pretty good
Astartus: have to go soon, but i discovered another puzzle piece that fits into the already-dead-theory
Shadshaddo: ?
Astartus: you know about the theory?
Shadshaddo: which 1 is it? i heard many theorys idk which 1 ur talking about spsificly
Astartus: the one that the Moon Children aren't actually real human beings, but souls of BENs former victims that have been trapped in the cartridge with him
Shadshaddo: like drowned and ifrit are souls?
Astartus: yep
Astartus: that would also make alex, nekko and duskworld souls.
Astartus: and it would also make a lot of sense.
Shadshaddo: except there being 5 moonchildren
Shadshaddo: unless 1 is majora
Astartus: there are far more than 5 moon children.
Astartus: i think we shouldn't overemphazise on the parallels to the game here...
Shadshaddo: ok so if there souls then does it really change anything? and is rosa also a soul?
Astartus: im not sure about rosa, but it would change a lot of things.
Astartus: first of it all, it means that "Drowned" is probably Ben, the boy.
Shadshaddo: agreed
Astartus: BEN used the children to torture jadusable and used them as his henchmen... but then, something went wrong
Astartus: some of the children "Woke up", saw through the illusion and went rogue, first alex, then ifrit
Astartus: as it was all digital, it explained why videos would work.
Astartus: reviving alex, unsilencing ifrit, awakening kelbris etc....
Astartus: then, ben announced the fake hiatus...
Astartus: and while we weren't looking, he tidies up.
Astartus: the children vanished, but they arent dead... ifrit at least seems to be in hiding, alex isnt dead...
Astartus: but we dont know if thats because he escaped, was trapped or because the entity we knew as alex couldnt die
Astartus: anyway, there IS the possibility the rest of the moon children escaped as well and simply decided not to unveal themselves.
Astartus: it IS possible that nekko, duskworld and drowned are still out there, maybe coming to our rescue when things go wrong.
Astartus: on the other hand, ben somehow found a way to materialize kelbris or at least give him a host body (Jadusable?)
Astartus: if thats the case, then with Ryukaki, he found a second host body, probably not for himself as he wants to stay online and play with us. then, who is it for?
Astartus: so its possible that drowned in fact is an alias for kelbris?
Shadshaddo: possible
Astartus: that drowned maybe just took onto the form, the alias of kelbris to spread confusion and terror...
Astartus: it WOULD fit the modus operandi of ben. pretending, lying, decieving to fuck with others
Shadshaddo: so wouldnt this mean kelbris got ryu sense he's in the video he posted(the mask i mean)
Astartus: its possible, but we know that ryu was stalked by a PHYSICAL entity
Astartus: which i suspect was jadusables body
Astartus: just who posessed him?
Astartus: we always assumed it was kelbris due to the video tags of the orchard vids saying "Kelbris", but what if actually someone else chased him to TURN him into kelbris? thats a good point, actually
Shadshaddo: then ryu is kelbris now?
Astartus: possibly...
Astartus: its a possibilty we should keep in the back of of heads
Shadshaddo: so if its true then when did ryu turn in2 kelbris because some of his files and vids were timed 2 be shown at a certant point
Shadshaddo: he couldve ben kelbris weeks ago
Astartus: thats what i also thought...
Shadshaddo: and another unrelated thought
Shadshaddo: sense the 1st pause might have been a fake then does that mean this 1 could be fake 2?
Astartus: thats what i think.
Astartus: ben prepares his final strike while cutting us from information.
Shadshaddo: also this game clearly its not 100% safe 2 download but no1 will listen if we ask 2 have ppl test it 1st
Astartus: i think itll be safe
Astartus: the ARG is so elaborate, i dont think jad would give us malware
Shadshaddo: hmm...idk i just wish we could test and stream it 1st
Astartus: that would be impossible... people will download it right away
Shadshaddo: we might be able to do it but we'd need 2 make it so as few ppl get it as possible, then we test it then every1 else can try, we'd need alot of coraperation from other groups
Astartus: what you gonna do, take the site down?
Shadshaddo: no descuss it with every group and insist that we get 2 ppl 2 try it 1st
Astartus: but most players arent even organized in groups
Shadshaddo: yea thats true...
Astartus: and i really have to go now XD
Astartus: see you later!
Shadshaddo: bye


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convos of importance on the chat
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