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These are some of our associates in The majora's mask arg BomberGangKids: Heroes of time:

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 Ben Sucks and info

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PostSubject: Ben Sucks and info    Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:38 am

ok this is for anything to do with the Haunted Majora's Mask Cartage ARG so heres some facts:
there's a guy named Alex user name jadusable and he posted a diary of shit that happened to him when he 1 day found a majora's mask cartage at a yard sale if you like to start reading it :

also for more info

and finally Theory's and other things (bombers hide out/bomber chat) (drowned forums) (we all are link forum) (united allies forum)

I would like to state that I have no interest in getting this forum involved in the WAAL and UA battles (wanna no more and i hope you don't, just start asking people idk if its posted any where) this is a place 4 every1 to have fun peacefully, im not hiding this forum or anything in it, we are agenst no1 but ben, so keep ua and waal battles in there forums kthxbye afro
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Ben Sucks and info
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